We at Petticoat Lane consider ourselves Wolford experts. We have the first Wolford Shop-in-Shop in the country and we are one of the largest independent sellers of Wolford in the country. That is why we think everybody should have at least one of these in their wardrobe at all times as essentials.

The first thing we teach our customers in our stores is the the number in a Wolford name represents the "Denier" or thickness. The numbers for all intensive purposes goes from 10 to 80. A sheer would be a 10 or 20. A semi-opaque 50 and an opaque 80. There is more above, below and in-between but if you can remember 10-50-80, you will be fine.





Individual 10

This is you basic sheer and comes in both Control and non-Control.

This is our best selling sheer and works best all day. 





Satin Touch 20

A little thicker than the 10, but still very sheer. These have a hint of a shimmer without being shimmery and are your night time sheers for going out.





Velvet de Luxe 50

Your basic semi-opaques for day wear. They have a matte look and feel velvety soft (not made of velvet we have to remind some people.) You can wear these all Fall and black is a must have.






Satin Opaque 50

Same thickness as the Velvet de Lux 50, but this has a hint of shimmer with our being shimmery. These can go from day to night and look best at night. We recommend the Anthracite color. This colors works great when you wear a black skirt and black shoes to break up the all black look. Anthracite works well with all colors and actually outsells black in our Greenwich store.






Mat Opaque 80

Your basic mat opaque tight. This is Wolford's thinest opaque tight and comes in 3 basic colors, Black, Anthracite and Mocca. Most people have 1 of each always in their dresser. 





Certain colors in certain styles that we love

Admiral in Individual 20 Tights: When looking for a sheer Navy, we find that the Individual 10 is too sheer, but the 20 is just a little thick, which makes the sheer navy actually look navy.

Luxe 9 Toeless in any nude color. These are a great Nude sheer tight and the Luxe has a faint hint of a shin that makes legs look great. The toeless version is great for the open toed shoes 

Neon 40 in Nearly Black: Something about the Nearly black over the Black, which makes it pop. The Neon is a shimmery semi-opaque and can really make an outfit.